Data Analysis

Data Analysis of our Open Data API

The charts on this website provide only a limited interfacing with the data.

If you have specific research questions and / or want to do calculations based on the RAW data we encourage you to to use our open REST API.

Then endpoint of the self-documenting API is available here:

Also we provide sample analysis in Deepnote Notebooks where you get an idea on how to interact with the API through Python / Pandas. See examples below!

Here we compared the measurements of a Wordpress website vs. a static website.

Both containers are accessed through Puppeteer (Headless Chrome) which is measured itself. It shows the capbility of measuring client-side as well as serverside.

We focus here on the energy and CPU metrics.

The web interface will only show you global averages and chart previews.

In this Deepnote Notebook we focus on looking at the mean and standard deviance between multiple runs.

We focus here on the energy and CPU metrics.

Here we look again at the example of the Wordpress and the Static versions of the website.

Our research question is: Is there really a statistically signifcant difference between the energy of the runs? Or is the difference we see just random noise?

We focus here on the energy metric.