Certify new software


Green Metric can certify your software according to different schemas.

In this demo, only the Green-Coding-Berlin schema is implemented. In the future it is planned to support Blue Angel (in Germany known als Blauer Engel) and also the SCI from Green Software Foundation

In the box below please put your Github-Repo URL and an E-mail where we send the link to the statistics.

Your certification request will be put in a queue and processing takes about 5-15 Minutes (+ the runtime of your usage scenario)

Note: Only open-source software can and will be certified. It does not have to free software though. This means we only process public github repositories.

The certifier expects a schema-correct usage-scenario.yml file in your repository. Please check the Demo Software Repository for example and documentation.

If you have any questions or issues please email us at [email protected]